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How to Undo in Elementor and Other ShortCuts

Elementor doesn’t have an undo button (at this time) but you can easily undo in Elementor. You just need to use the shortcuts, or what Elementor calls HotKeys.   To UNDO, it’s Ctrl +Z for PC and Cmd +Z for Mac.  And there are more HotKeys.You can find a list of current HotKeys in their Documentation. See the list below for a list as of this writing.

Not only can you Undo in Elementor using the HotKeys, you can easily Undo and Redo changes in the Editor by viewing the Elementor History. Just Click on the circled back arrow icon on the bottom of the Editor panel.

Elementor is an awesome tool, so don’t let ‘no undo button’ slow you down or keep you from using this awesome tool. Using the ShortCut Undo in Elementor and the history icon at the bottom of the Editor section will make this process easy.

FunctionWindowsMacFunction Detail
UndoCtrl + ZCmd + ZUndo any change made  on the page
RedoCtrl + Shift + ZCmd + Shift + Z Redo any change made on the page
SaveCtrl + SCmd + SSave your page to the revision history
DeleteDelete DeleteDelete section / column / widget that is edited
DuplicateCtrl + DCmd + DDuplicate section / column / widget that is edited
Panel / PreviewCtrl + PCmd + PSwitch between the panel and preview view
Mobile EditingCtrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + MSwitch between desktop, tablet and mobile views
HistoryCtrl + Shift + HCmd + Shift + HGo to the History panel
Template LibraryCtrl + Shift + LCmd + Shift + LOpens up the Template Library modal
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