SEO100How does Web Design impact Search Engine Optimization?

In the old days, there were tips and tricks to getting ranked high in the search engines. However, Search Engines have become smart and they actually lower the ranking on those that try those ‘tricks’.  The key to good search engine rankings is content.  That’s right. Making sure that your content includes those ‘keywords’ and is actually what the viewer is searching for is the key. When we design your website, we keep this in mind. 

  • We ensure that every page we build for you is search engine friendly.
    • For each page, we will review how the description will show up in the search engines (through our Search Engine Result Preview). We will tweek it if necessary. This will not change your content, but may change what the search engine displays.
    • We will communicate any changes to your content that we think will improve your search engine ranking. However, it’s your content, so will be your call.
    • We will ensure your page links will include the title or key words for the content of your page, making it very search engine friendly. 
  • WordPress is Search Engine Friendly. It is written using standard compliance high quality code which makes it attractive to search engines.
  • Your website will be responsive.  Responsive websites are easier and more efficient for Search Engines to crawl, index and organize content.