Divi by Elegant Themes Review

I spent a week building a website with the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes and the following is a review based on my experience.  I had never used Divi before so was starting from scratch.

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes (ET)
Divi Version: 2.4
WordPress Version: 4.2.3

I get a small commission for any sales resulting from some of our links. This in no way influenced my review nor does it add any cost to you. I do appreciate your support and hope you find this review helpful.

Elegant Themes Divi Review

The Divi Theme, by Elegant Themes (ET) is a theme that includes a drag and drop interface built into the page visual editor called The Divi Builder that allows you to customize theme pages however you want. 

Once you get the hang of it, it’s really very easy to use. They have extensive documentation and many video tutorials. It would be nice if they had a search feature in their documentation, but I was able to work around this by using Google search and found most of the help I needed.

The General Settings, Header / Navigation, Footer, Buttons, Blog, Mobile Styles, Color Schemes, Navigation, Widgets and Static Front Page settings are done in the WordPress customize section that provides a screen view of the changes before you save. 

The Divi Builder is built on a block system with Sections, Rows and Modules. The Sections, rows and modules can be customized in their individual areas along with many Advanced Design Settings for each.  Again, very easy to use.


The Good Stuff:

  • Through the widget area you can create additional sidebar widget areas.
  • You can define the layout of the footer section in the WordPress Customization Panel, using up to four of their built in footer widgets.
  • Page layout options are extensive.
  • Customizing most styles can be done through the layout page. Note: There is no page preview, so you have to save then view.
  • They have a large number of Icon options in most of the modules.
  • ET Boxes, Buttons, Tabs and Author Bio added to the Text Editor.
  • Ability to adjust transparency in color settings.
  • Ability to add custom classes and ID’s to Sections, Rows and Modules.
  • They have added three ET Widgets:
    • ET About Me,
    • ET Adsense and
    • ET Advertisement
  • Awesome Button Features. Main button style can be edited through WordPress Customization panel. Good customization available for adding buttons to modules.
  • Divi comes with 32 pre-configured Page Layouts you can load and customize.
  • The Divi Builder comes with the following modules: Image, Gallery, Video, Video Slider, Text, Blurb, Tabs, Slider, Testimonial, Pricing Tables, Call to Action, Audio, Signup, Login, Portfolio, Filterable Portfolio, Bar Counters, Circle Counter, Number Counter, Accordion, Toggle, Contact Form (minimal), Sidebar, Divider, Person, Blog, Shop, Countdown Timer, Map, Social Media Follow, Post Title and Code. 
  • I installed several free plugins for the functionality I needed and didn’t have any issues with conflicts.
  • It’s responsive and looked very good regardless of the media used to view. 
  • They have a large online community that’s there to help.
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to try it out.
  • The default settings has a nice loading animation effect.


  • Inability to adjust the Hero area height in the slider and full page header modules. The images were difficult to size for optimal viewing in these modules. Note that there are additional premium plugins that are said to take care of this for you such as the Booster Plugin ($19.00) and the Divi Module Editor ($10.00), but I did not test these.
  • Although you can add phone number and social icons to the header, it would be nice for them to add a custom block area next to the menu as an option.
  • The Elegant Themes copyright in the footer can only be removed by custom CSS. You need to add the following code to the custom CSS to remove it: 

    #footer-info {display: none;}

  • You have to save the changes before viewing. It would be nice to have a preview area.
  • The biggest issue for me as a web designer is that there is no way to set client access so that they can’t mess up the design. Having said that, it looks like this issue will be resolved in their 2.5 release.

I would like to note that I spent a week building a website using Divi and it is possible that some of these issues could have been resolved if I had taken the additional time and/or purchased the Booster Plugin and/or Divi Module Editor. 


Elegant Themes have three packages. They all include complete Access to All Themes, Perpetual Theme Updates, Premium Technical Support and unlimited Website Usage.

Personal: $69.00 / year
Developer: $89.00 / year and includes complete access to All Plugins and Layered Photoshop Files.
Lifetime: $249.00 one time and includes complete access to All Plugins and Layered Photoshop Files.


This is an awesome theme for someone who wants to design and not code. Although I found some limitations in the header design, you can design the pages without limitations. I was also unable to resolve the Hero image sizing issue, but perhaps with the additional plugins that could have been resolved. I was going to say I would not recommend it for web designers, because of the inability to control access of the design from clients, however, It appears that Divi 2.5, scheduled to release in a few weeks, will be including a brand new tool for WordPress Designers that hopefully will resolve the client access issues.

Bottom Line is Elegant Themes has a 30 day money back guarantee.  I suggest that if you are on the fence, jump in and give it a try. 


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