Headway Drag and Drop Theme Review

I spent a week building a website using Headway Themes Drag and Drop Theme and the following is a review based on my experience. I had never used Headway before and started out from scratch. I did not use any of their templates for this review. Headway Themes Headway Version: 3.8.2 WordPress Version: 4.2.2 I… Read More

Divi by Elegant Themes Review

I spent a week building a website with the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes and the following is a review based on my experience.  I had never used Divi before so was starting from scratch. Divi Theme by Elegant Themes (ET) Divi Version: 2.4 WordPress Version: 4.2.3 I get a small commission for any sales resulting… Read More

Adding Current Year Copyright to Footer

There are many ways to add a code to the footer field to display the current year to the copyright without having to manually do that at the beginning of each year. Many themes include this as an option in the Footer PHP file. But if you don’t have a theme that does this, or… Read More

Inserting Title_Field into WordPress Pages and Posts

Have you ever wanted to insert the title of a page or post into a template or into the page or post content? (Or any other WordPress fields.) You do not have to know PHP to add PHP code to your WordPress pages and posts. You will need to figure out the syntax you need… Read More

Current Web Design Trends

Web Design features and trends come and go. With improvements to HTML5 and CSS3, there are many improved options for creative Web Design. So what are the current trends in Web Design? Flat Design Flat design is where graphics on the site are designed with no three dimensional effects, such as shadows. I’m going to guess… Read More

Add Animation to your WordPress Website

      Want to add beautiful CSS3 animations to your Widgets and Posts in your WordPress Website? There is a free plugin called Animate It that may be just what you’re looking for. This plugin is free and you can add animation through your text editor or through your widgets settings. You can scroll in your text from right,… Read More