Adding Current Year Copyright to Footer

There are many ways to add a code to the footer field to display the current year to the copyright without having to manually do that at the beginning of each year. Many themes include this as an option in the Footer PHP file. But if you don’t have a theme that does this, or you want to customize the content outside of the restrictions of your theme, here are a couple of options using plugins.

Adding Current Year to Footer Widget Area

Using the PHP Code Widget Plugin, you use standard PHP code to insert into the widget using the Text Widget.

  1. Install the PHP Code Widget Plugin
  2. Add the Text Widget to the Footer Widget area
  3. Add the following code to the text widget:
    <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?>

Adding Current Year to Content Area on a page.

Using the Insert PHP Plugin, you insert the Insert_php opening and closing tags (with brackets [ … ] ) around the code instead of the PHP syntax. If it doesn’t work, check to make sure you don’t have an extra space after the opening tag (See Plugin Page for instructions).

  1. Install Insert PHP Plugin
  2. At the point you want to add the year in your content, copy the above php code and replace <?php with insert_php tag (in brackets) and replace ?> with /insert_php tag (in brackets). Be sure to delete space before the word echo.  (See the Plugin description and FAQ for more information).

Inserting the Copyright Symbol:

  • To Insert the copyright symbol on a PC – Press the Alt button and type 0169.
  • To insert the copyright symbol on a Mac – Press Option and the G key.
  • If you prefer to insert the Unicode Number, it is &#169;

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