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Want to add beautiful CSS3 animations to your Widgets and Posts in your WordPress Website? There is a free plugin called Animate It that may be just what you’re looking for. This plugin is free and you can add animation through your text editor or through your widgets settings.

You can scroll in your text from right, left, top or bottom. You can set delay times for maximum impact. You can animate a graphic. There are over 50 Entry, Exit and Attention Seeking Animations with this plugin. If you didn’t see the black and white car above come in from the right, you can mouse over the it and it will re-animate. This is just one of the many settings.

Documentation and instructions are well written. I found this plugin easy to install and extremely easy to apply.

Applying to your Widgets

When you install this plugin, you will see a new class field at the bottom of each of your widgets. when needing a custom class, just go to their Animate It Class Generator and set the parameters of animations you want. A class will be generated for you and all you have to do is paste it into the Animate-It Class field in your widget setting. Easy Peasy!


Applying it to your Posts

To apply to an area in a new post, a new icon will show up in your text editor.


Place your cursor at the point you want to animate and click the Animate It Icon. You will be prompted with options and settings. Select the options you want and click Insert.  Dummy Text will appear with the appropriate code in brackets.  Just replace the dummy text with the graphic or text your want to animate. Again, Easy Peasy!

I hope you found this helpful.  Enjoy!

Resources for the Animate It Plugin:

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